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VGA’s members are extremely important, and the organisation tries to engage with all members regularly in various ways.  Feedback from the organisations members is also very important, whether as direct members or customers of the clubs services.

There are two levels of membership:


Members under the age of 16 do not need to become involved in the running of the club.  They are free to enjoy the benefits of what is offered at VGA without having to attend meetings etc.

However, children and young people are more than welcome to join the Parent and Gymnast Committee and therefore get involved in decision-making.  If your child would like to join please see someone on reception.


Full adult members are entitled to have a say on how the club is run.  They may do so in one of two ways: -


  1. Parents may join the Parents and Gymnast Committee.  You do not need to be a Full member to be part of the committee; you just need to be a parent of a member. 

  2. Alternatively, if you have registered as a full adult member at reception you are welcome to attend management meetings.  These are held 2-3 times each year.  At these meetings decisions are made which affect the running of the club.  If you choose to become a full adult member you will share liability.  This liability is limited to £5.


The directors are responsible for the management of Valleys Gymnastics Academy.  We have a board of 5 directors who manage the club along with a Managing Director, Head Coaches and a Business Manager.

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