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Gymnastics is a fun and challenging sport that involves performing moves and exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, co-ordination, grace and balance. You don’t need to have all these skills before becoming a gymnast, they are things you learn as you train – and anyone can have a go!

Within the umbrella of gymnastics there are a number of disciplines including Recreational, Women’s Artistic, Men’s Artistic and TeamGym, which among others are
all taught here at VGA!


There are a number of reasons why you should get

your children involved in gymnastics


Children love jumping, rolling, turning, twisting and swinging around, so why not put them in an environment where it is safe, and where skills are taught by qualified, experienced and professional


instead of your lounge!


It gives children and young people a great start in
their sport and physical activity journey - developing all the key major fitness components -
strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and
body management to name a few!

Gymnastics really is where all sports begin!


Learning new skills and getting stronger will help develop and build your child’s self-esteem - both within and outside of gymnastics!


It’s rewarding to achieve new things, and our classes will help develop children and young peoples confidence to try other new sports and activities.


It helps support classroom skills! Balancing on a beam requires immense concentration, and gripping the bars strengthens the muscles in the hands to help young children with their wiring.


Listening and concentrating will also instil the discipline needed to learn in the classroom!

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