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2019 British Compulsory and National Grades Finals

Members of VGA’s WAG competitive programme were selected to represent Wales at the British finals for the Compulsory and National Grades back in May. All the girls performed fantastically, with highlights including:-

• Maddie Harford - National 2 - Team 2nd • Emily Allen - National 4 - Team 2nd - 1s on Bars - 8th Overall • Elise Taylor - National 3 - Team 4th • Halle S - Compulsory 4 - Team 4th - 5th Overall

As a result of the incredible scores obtained by Welsh gymnasts in these competitions, Wales won the prestigious ‘Rosebowl; awarded to the highest scoring region when the scores from Compulsory and National Grades were combined. This is the very first time that Wales has won the

Rosebowl so was an outstanding achievement!

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