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2024 South Central Prelims

VGA and St Tydfils were very well represented at the South Central Prelims with over 140 gymnasts entered from our venues! The teams were outstanding - in both their gymnastics and their sportsmanship! The gymnasts competed lots of new work and routines and also supported their own teammates and gymnasts from other clubs with congratulations and high fives - which was brilliant to see and something we really work to role model for our gymnasts.

Lots of gymnasts picked up overall medals and apparatus awards. A few stand out winners:-

  • Taylor Birchley - AA Champion

  • Imogen Betteridge - AA Champion

  • Isabelle Turner - AA Champion

  • Nia Summers - AA Champion

  • Mia Williams - AA Champion

  • Ashton Rooke - AA Champion

  • Ava-Leigh Jones - AA Champion

  • Molly McCarthy - AA Champion

  • Ellis Eaves - AA Champion

  • Georgia Rose Peters - AA Champion

  • Evie Cegelski - AA Champion

  • William Pound-McCarthy - AA Champion

  • Jacob Plant - AA Champion

We also saw lots of gymnasts overcome personal challenges and compete new skills - and we are immensely proud of you all!

Very well done everyone - we hope you had a great experience at Prelims!


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