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2024 Welsh Development and Preparation Grades Finals

Congratulations to everyone who represented South Central-Wales with pride at the Welsh Grades Finals on 9/10th March. The girls all performed classy, stylish work, although there were a few errors. Nevertheless, the girls picked up plenty of individual awards plus team placings:-

  • Development 3 - Morgan, Mia and Maddy - Team Gold

  • Development 2 - Lily, Fiona and Nanci - Team Gold

  • Development 1 - Gabija and Harper - Team Silver

  • Preparation 2 - Fran and Maisie - Team Silver

  • Preparation 1 - Aria - Team Bronze

What makes us most proud is the support and compassion the gymnasts all showed for their SC teammates at the event and the resilience and hard work which has gone into the preparing for this event. This is what sport is all about! Well done, everyone!


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