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Valleys Girls 2022-23

We take immense pride in the exceptional leadership demonstrated by Nia, Carys, and Olivia, who have led the creation of our very own "Valleys Girls" program. This dynamic trio embarked on a research initiative approximately one year ago, generously funded by "Us Girls" - with the aim of engaging a broader spectrum of young girls in our club who had not yet become members.

Their journey began with the organisation of an event and the development of an insightful questionnaire, thoughtfully distributed among numerous young girls residing in our local community. After collecting data, their research confirmed that girls expressed a strong desire for a weekly gathering on Saturdays. This session would provide a platform for them to explore a number of different activities alongside their friends. Their collaborative efforts led them to present their compelling proposal to the "Us Girls Dragons Den" panel, resulting in secured funding to bring this weekly session to life.

Over the course of the past year, these weekly Saturday gatherings have consistently delivered an array of diverse activities. From golf and football to netball, gymnastics, dance, crafts, and even free running, these sessions have offered an eclectic mix of experiences. Our dedicated leaders recognised the importance of aligning these activities with the participants' preferences. Consequently, regular feedback sessions have been integrated, ensuring that the girls have a voice in shaping the future direction of the program. They are encouraged to share their likes, dislikes, and visions for what they would like in the future.

Here is what the young leaders have thought about volunteering on the project:-

“We ask the participants what activities they would like to do during our sessions as we know it’s important that the girls have ownership and do activities they like. We do activities such as golf, football, netball, gymnastics, dance, crafts, and free running - anything really.

“I think it’s extremely important to get young girls involved in physical activities because it gives them a chance to grow and learn new skills that they might need later in life. It also gives them a chance to make new friends and form connections that they might have never felt able to do before.”

“Seeing the girls that attend our Valleys Girls sessions grow, make friends and develop their physical fitness has been a rewarding experience.

We also asked the participants what they thought about the project;

“We do lots of different things each week. My favourite thing was roller skating and free running because I had never done these before. It is really cool to hand out with your friends and have some snack- that is deffo a bonus!”

With some support from Us Girls and Welsh Gymnastics this project will be continuing in September.


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