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2019 Welsh Regional Club Development and Elite Grades

On the 14th of September members of VGA’s MAG competitive programme competed at the Welsh Regional Club Development and Elite Grades. All the boys performed fantastically, with the following highlights:-

  • Ben Scourse - Elite Level 2 - 1st Place

  • Owain Lewis - Elite Level 4 - 1st Place

  • Charlie Williams - Club Level 5 - 1st Place

  • Wil Wheeler - Club Level 5 - 3rd Place

  • Clint Alleyne - Club Level 4 - 1st Place

  • Morgan Lucas - Club Level 4 - 2nd Place

  • Evan Madden - Club Level 3 - 1st Place

  • Ellis Barber - Club Level 3 - 5th Place

  • Tommy Duggan - Club Level 2 - 3rd Place

As a result of the incredible scores and positions achieved, all of the above gymnasts have been selected to represent Wales as a region in the upcoming British Club Development and Elite Grades finals in November. Congratulation to all the gymnasts and coaches within our MAG programme!

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