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2023 Winter Magic Invitational

A team of our Flippers and Twisters 4 Piece and Development gymnasts travelled to the annual Winter Magic Invitational in Wiltshire last weekend.

The last few months have seen these gymnasts work very hard and we are extremely proud of everyone’s performances - lots of improvements and new skills for everyone! We particularly enjoyed seeing the way that the gymnasts continually supported and encouraged each other throughout the event! Lots of medals were collected - including several AA gold, silver and bronze - but we always want to celebrate more than medals!

Top 4 AA positions across the age groups / categories included:-

-1st Lili Bryant

-1st Isla Watson

-1st Freya Hancock

-2nd Felicity Rowlands

-2nd Alannah Coade

-2nd Amelia Griffiths

-2nd Isabelle Lewis

-3rd Grace Cray

-3rd Liliana Caraffa

-3rd Amber Thompson

-4th Amelia Buss

-4th Raer Raimondo

-4th Connie Cook

The gymnasts also picked up a whole host of apparatus awards!


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