New Partnership with 'Working with Parents in Sport'

Valleys Gymnastics are delighted to announce a new partnership with 'Working with Parents in Sport'. Supporting organisations, parents and coaches in working together to provide children with the best possible sporting experiences, 'Working with Parents in Sport' have a clear symmetry with VGA. This partnership will build upon VGA's own gymnast and parent support programme, which is delivered by sports psychologist Rebecca Chidley.

Part of this partnership will include the promotion of the 'Our Sporting Journey' - a series of interactive books for children, which puts children at the heart of the sporting experience, allowing them to have plenty of fun and grow as people both inside and outside of the gym. The books all have plenty of activities for children, encouraging positive interactions between children and their parents, which promotes plenty of parental involvement - whether that's through having positive conversations, playing in the garden, or helping to complete fun tasks within the books.

Melissa Anderson (Managing Director Valleys Gymnastic Academy) said,

'We know that gymnastics has the potential to help children and young people develop a whole array of life skills through physical and meaningful activity - and our work with Life in Sport has enabled us to make great strides in supporting the development of these skills and attributes in our members. This new project with WWPIS will enable us to extend this work further, engaging with some of our youngest members and their parents / carers. We anticipate that the distribution of 'Our Sporting Journey' interactive books will be the first step in a long term project with WWPIS.'

Gordon MacLelland(CEO of WWPIS) said,

'It is really exciting to be working with Valleys Gymnastic Academy and see the passion and determination shown by them to create the best possible environments for young gymnasts and their support networks. We are looking forward to being a small part of this incredible project and can't wait to see the positive impact it has on the whole community over the coming years.'

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