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VGA's 'Fit and Fed' and Programme!

VGA are proud to once again contribute to the 'Fit and Fed' programme, delivering gymnastics and physical activity sessions in Rhymney. Prior to starting the programme, consultation with parents identified food as an important aspect of community provision, so this has been included in all of the sessions delivered by VGA.

"We know that many parents and families face challenges during school holidays and the feedback has been excellent - with children and young people having access to meaningful opportunities. Since the start of the pandemic, poverty levels have risen in the Valleys region, so this is a timely intervention for VGA." (Melissa Anderson, VGA's Managing Director)

Demand for the 'Fit and Fed' programme has been excellent, with full participation at all sessions to date. Participants have been involved in a number of different activities - from gymnastics and multi-sport sessions, to nerf gun themed games and activities!

We're looking forward to continuing these sessions throughout the summer period, and during the October half term!

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