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Post Covid - New Project!

On 18.04.2021 our new Well-being and Inclusion group met on zoom. The group consists of Jaz McLellan and Tara Edwards, who oversee and chair the meetings, they are creating an action plan for this group. Susan Jenkins is the Wellbeing and Welfare officer for the group. Susan is in charge of the Wellbeing email and to liaise with correct people when emails come in. We then have our 4 young leaders. Charlie Williams and Mia Vaughn are the Wellbeing Leaders, they will be working alongside Susan and monitoring the Wellbeing email as well as coming up with ideas to help the Wellbeing of the club. Ava Tunley is the Inclusion leader. She will be working with amber squad as well as helping to promote inclusive sports across all of our venues. Glesni Powell is the Wellbeing and Inclusion leader for St Tydfil’s. She will be helping to promote Wellbeing and inclusion in sport across the venues.

As our leaders all young lead at different venues, we discussed ways for the club to get to know us. Each of us have Produced a ‘Get to know me card’. These will be put up around the gym. As well as this, we discussed T-shirt designs. We wanted our members to know who we are, so they feel comfortable to come to us. So, keep your eye out for the get to know me cards and the T-shirts when returning to gym!!!

Our 4 leaders will be undergoing different courses and webinars each month to help build there knowledge and understanding. This will give them more of an idea on their role. This month they have been busy doing 2 courses, ‘Coach Wellbeing: taking time for yourself’ and ‘Your duty of care’.

To start off our roles, we discussed ways to help our community. We came up with lots of ideas as well as thinking of the COVID rules to come up with an idea. We discussed using the international days and weeks to help raise awareness to our younger members of the club and community.

We are all really excited about this new group. Watch out for some of our ideas, lots coming the week of the 10th May for Mental health awareness week!!!


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